Dog Rescue

In October 2005 we were called out by a local RSPCA officer to attend to a call they had received to rescue a Jack Russell Dog that had got stuck in a pipe. 'Skipper' had been out walking with its owner and had chased something which disappeared up a 300mm SW outlet or overflow pipe discharging into a pond.

The RSPCA and the fire brigade had been trying for some time to retrieve Skipper without success. When we arrived on site Skipper was 30m up the line facing forwards and couldn't turn round, we were unable to trace the line to any manhole or access points it ran towards a car park and then a large grassed area in excess of 150m. From the pond end we got a camera up to the rear of Skipper and could see that he was squashed. He was unable to stand up in the pipe or turn round and and there wasn't any safe way of pulling him out. As well as this he was an old dog and practically deaf.
The pipe was traced and a mini digger, supplied by a local, was used to excavate to the point where he was, however whilst all this was going on we were also calling Skipper from the pond end and he began to move back towards us. This was helped by the fire brigade who supplied man after man doing wolf whistles and calling his name. He came back a good 15m and then seemed to stop, probably at this point exhausted. But after trying several other methods, dog food, rattling biscuits and a little water flowing through the pipe we then got the camera up past him and pulled it back bringing Skipper with it.

He was eventually retrieved and quickly wrapped in a blanket…..he was very dirty, wet and cold and seemed quite bemused by all the attention. It was a long process with plenty of helpers, the RSPCA, fire brigade, local councillors and us and it was a successful result in the end. According to his owners Skipper slept for 48 hours after his ordeal and was very wobbly at first but is now back on his feet, although a little cautious.

It made quite a change to be involved in something like this and we were glad to see him safely out in the end.

This event also gave us quite a lot of publicity with articles in both "Drain Trader" and the "Watford Observer" along with a certificate from the RSPCA.

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