We install CIP liners from 75mm - 225mm in diameter in most materials. Our stock is reviewed and changed regularly to keep up with this market which is changing and providing better quality lining materials constantly. For example 'no wrinkle' or 'odour less'. We can install short patch liners to long pipe sections in below ground drainage or stacks and above ground pipework using air inversion or water techniques as necessary.

Lining material is basically felt and when formed it will be similar to GRP (Glass Reinforced plastic). It is impregnated with a resin mixed with an accelerator and a catalyst and inserted into the host or damaged pipe section. It is then inflated until the resin cures and once formed it provides a structurally sound repair.

These are recognised and approved repairs by the WRc and local authorities, surveyors etc and can reduce the cost of remedial work opposed to excavations considerably. They will cause minimal disruption and can be in use within hours of their installation. Liners are usually the best way to restore the structural integrity of damaged pipework and they will also offer improved flow characteristics. Sections will be installed in one length therefore no joints, which will for example, prevent root re-growth and water infiltration.

Liners are not just used for pipe repairs they can also be utilised to seal off redundant below ground junctions that, for example, may be allowing smells, water loss or rodent access.

Please contact us for advice on your requirements.

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lining works picture 1lining works picture 2 Above and below: installing a liner through a roof outlet which was leaking at a defective joint just below the roof surface. This saved excavating, exposing and replacing the outlet and defective joint.lining works picture 3lining works picture 4

MG Drainage Ltd can assist you with any of the following aspects relating to types of liners;
cured in place pipe lining (CIPP), structural repairs or anti crease using inversion techniques including air, water and hot cure.
We can advise on the various resin and materials available;
lining patches, structural lining repairs, pitch fibre reforming and lining, lateral cutting, no-dig technology for repairs and pipe renovation.

Please call us on 01442 211967 to discuss your requirements.

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